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  U.S.E. VYBE Suspension Seat Post     Product Details

From £ 98.95





  •  Reduces shock transmitted to the rider
  •  Height and Seat Angle indicators
  •  Can increase rear stability and traction
  •  Three Spring Rates - 50mm Stroke
  •  Lightweight 7075 - T6 Aluminium
  •  Pre-Load Adjuster to Fine Tune the seat post
  •  Designed to increase power and comfort

Quality Assurance

U.S.E. originated the concept of the Suspension Seat Post, and has since gained the reputation as the world’s pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of suspension seat posts for world-class athletes who do not compromise. By suspending the rider’s weight on a travel of 50mm not only is the shock transmitted through the bike seat reduced but also traction and handling of hard tail bikes can be enhanced.

With Soft, Medium and Hard spring / elastomer versions, plus pre-load adjuster, virtually all riders and riding styles are encompassed by the VYBE Shokpost.

The benefit of a suspension seatpost can be realised on both mountain bikes and road bikes. Audemars Piguet Replica Watches

The VYBE Shokpost includes the SUMO seat clamp. With chunky looks and robust design, the VYBE Shokpost is engineered to take a pounding and go the distance. The acclaimed single bolt, quick fitting clamp design ensures the perfect seat position can be achieved, with the full range of tilt adjustment available.

Forged 7075—T6 aluminium provides great strength with lightness.

Clear seat height and tilt indicators enable an immediate return to previous settings for convenience. The maximum safe extension is a distance of 300mm, which is clearly marked "MAX HT.". Seat height is etched in 0.5cm graduations.

If the need arises, U.S.E. Shokposts can be serviced without special tools.

Shim and Shokpost Selection

It is necessary to determine the diameter of your existing seat post. This is almost always marked on the seat post. Otherwise measure the diameter accurately, such as with callipers (see photo).

If your seat post size is 27.2mm, VYBE will fit straight into the frame down tube and a shim will not be required. Many road bikes have the 27.2mm size. It is advisable to first apply some lubricant round the seat post to prevent sticking when sliding directly into 27.2mm tube.

For sizes above 27.2mm, a shim will fill the gap between the 27.2mm diameter Shokpost and the frame tube (your original seat post diameter). The shims listed below are the most common. If your shim size is not shown, please contact us, as we can supply shims in the range 27.8 - 32.8mm. At the same time as ordering a Shokpost, you can place your order for a shim using the USE-XGEN Item Code, and let us know what shim size you require.

Finally, select a Shokpost for your weight, either Soft, Medium or Hard.

Item Code: USE-VYB
Brand: U.S.E.
Colour: Black
Weight: 455g
Size: 27.2mm diameter, 400mm length overall
Travel: 50mm (full suspension stroke)
Layback: 10mm
Seat Rails: Designed for 7mm standard rails
Rider Weight: 38-55 Kg (85-120 Lbs) SOFT -select USE-VYBS
Rider Weight: 55-80 Kg (120-174 Lbs) MEDIUM - select USE-VYBM
Rider Weight: 80-100 Kg (174-225 Lbs) HARD - select USE-VYBH
Maximum Extension: 300mm
Image Item Code Product Stock Price Quantity
USE-VYBS U.S.E. VYBE Suspension Seat Post - Soft Aluminium 2£ 98.95
USE-VYBM U.S.E. VYBE Suspension Seat Post - Medium Aluminium 2£ 98.95
USE-VYBH U.S.E. VYBE Suspension Seat Post - Hard Aluminium 2£ 98.95
USE-X309 U.S.E. Shim 30.9mm Plastic 5£ 6.75
USE-XGEN U.S.E. Shim - size to be arranged 27.8-32.8mm 10£ 6.75
USE-X316 U.S.E. Shim 31.6mm Plastic 5£ 6.75

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